REVIEW: Slutmonster And Friends

Slutmonster And Friends is weird. Like completely, mind-bogglingly, ultra-strange psychedelic acid trip weird. And I loved it.

There are not enough words to use to describe how off the wall this show is, nor enough to describe how much I want people to go and see it, but I should probably caution you not to take any mind-altering substances before you go. You won’t need them. I promise.

Slutmonster (played by Jessie Ngaio) is kind of like a bunyip. A hot pink bunyip with furry boobs and a massive furry permanent erection. It lives in a forest of phallic roots and breast-covered trees, humping, and sucking, and filling itself with everything and anything.

Two brothers, Bovril (Wes Gardner) and Larch (Lucas Heil), are lost in this trippy terrain, close to starvation and madness. They stumble upon Slutmonster and from here a story of lust, love and sibling rivalry emerges.

Your eyes, ears and mind are treated to an orgy of fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark weirdness as the cast sing and dance their way through the story. The songs are brilliantly disturbing and offensive – think of every sexual term and slang word you can think of, then put them to music. Rap, jazz, show tunes: this piece has them all. Not to mention a video screen that assists in the story, a dark and disturbing twist and a couple of rather strange puppets who pop up throughout the show to add to the storyline and contribute to the mega-bizarreness of the whole thing.

When Slutmonster And Friends ends and the house lights come up, you truly feel like you have awoken from a dream. As I scanned the audience’s faces (a full house who had laughed and clapped and shrieked and gasped through the entire show) they too seemed to have that what-the-hell-did-I-just-see look. But not in a bad way at all. Kind of like the dazed look I assume one might get after you realise you’ve just had the best sex of your life…with a Teletubby.

If you like your comedy offensive and your senses assaulted with oddness, I cannot recommend a better way to satisfy yourself. I will say this, though; as well as not taking anything mind-altering, I would probably also suggest you don’t take your grandma… Unless, of course, she is into that sort of thing.

Slutmonster And Friends is playing at the Northcote Town Hall On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from April 4 to April 20. Grab tickets from their festival page, check out their website and follow the Slutmonster on Twitter @Slutmonster.