REVIEW: Sketch-ual Healing

Sketch-ual Healing is the brain love child of Jason Geary and Jimmy James Eaton, whose list of credits and accolades should be sufficient to make this show mandatory viewing. It is just that good. Trust me, I’ve seen it twice, and just purchased tickets for my third. But, hey, let me tell you about it…

We enter the room and take our seats at the Imperial Hotel for Sketch-ual Healing, waiting for the show to start. Allowing the house music to wash over us, we notice something is different, just as Salt N Pepa declare that they wish to “talk about Sketch”, right before Justin Timberlake informs us that he is indeed “bringing Sketch-y back”. All together, the audience is giggling as we wait for the performers to take the stage.

There is an incredible and undeniable chemistry between the two men. Both James and Jimmy James find room to move inside the sketches, which illuminates their own enjoyment in the show and in each other as performers.

But this is not just two mates having a good time on stage. The incredibly broad and varied skill sets of these performers takes the expertly crafted sketches and elevates them above every other sketch comedy act in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Bar none.

Sketch-ual Healing is a tour de force, leveraging the vast array of talents of the two performers through physicality, mime and character work. This is all wrapped up in a story that is as charming and subversive as the house music, you can’t help but fall in love. I know I have.

Sketch-ual Healing, is playing at the Imperial Hotel from Mar 27 through to April 19. Tickets available through Ticketmaster (Full $26 / Tight-arse Tuesday$23 / Conc. $20 see Ticketmaster for deals/combos).

Hear more from Jason Geary through his twitter @ToruOkadasCat.

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