REVIEW: Rama Nicholas in Death Rides A Horse

Death Rides A Horse is the one-woman musical spaghetti western adventure of Caterina, the cowgirl destined for bigger things, and a Spaniard on a mission to tango with death. I have seen the show twice, will see a third, and I would ask you to consider this an open invitation to escort you to a fourth. Any takers?

The story is simple and purposeful, but not without its own twists and turns, with characters both surprising and comical. The musical numbers are beautifully delivered and range from moving through to hilarious, such as the always inspiring Whores Have Dreams. You’ll be singing that one to yourself for days.

Rama Nicholas, the one woman of Death Rides A Horse, brings 10 different characters to life throughout the show, transitioning between them in moments. Each character combines a unique physicality, voice and attitude that will have you forgetting there is a single actress behind each of them. Rama’s background as a performer and improviser are well displayed, with her playing to and with the crowd, making us all feel a part of the show. But it is the strength of Rama’s performance, and the definition of character, that has us as an audience relate so closely and strap ourselves into the story.

Death Rides A Horse has been hiding out in a late-night slot at Tuxedo Cat for the first four weeks of the festival, but will move to its new digs at The Revolt as of April 11. If you want to see a great story, told by a great storyteller and performer, and love to laugh, go see Death Rides A Horse.

And if you’re going, invite me too!

Death Rides A Horse, is playing at Revolt Melbourne from April 11 through to April 20. Tickets available through Ticketmaster (Full $20 / Conc. $18 see Ticketmaster for deals/combos).

Hear more from Rama Nicholas through her Facebook and Twitter @RamaNicholas.